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Ampla targa xt

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LANÇAMENTO DA AMPLA - Targa XT UV, a versatilidade e a robustez que você já conhece, agora também com versão UV LED. Conjunto de 10 cabeças de impressão de 7. Jul 12,  · A Targa XT Aquatex traz alta produtividade para sublimação. Uma impressora robusta e confiável, capaz de imprimir até m² de papel para sublimação por hor. Meet the Targa XT Aquatex by AMPLA, market reference equipment that exceeds the expectations of those seeking high productivity for digital fabric printing. With a maximum capacity and resolution of up to dpi, the Targa XT Aquatex has m printing width and is equipped with 7pL industrial print heads.

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roland ej roland vs ampla targa xt. soldadora. roland rf roland xr hp fb router. laminadora. dammper ® s.a. / argentina / 3D Sign - (11) - - Impressão digital grande formato até 3,20m sem emenda. Equipamento targa Xt imprime até m² hora. essa. Ampla Targa XT m Roll to Roll so ent large format digital printers (Made in Brazil). We presents the third generetion of market reference so ent printer NEW TARGA XT®, now even more robust and reliable. The lowest cost per sqaure meter solution for those who need high print quality with unmatched productivity. Designed to work in long.

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With a maximum capacity and resolution of up to dpi, the Targa XT Aquatex has 1. Using Aquatex water-based ink, the Targa XT Aquatex also offers one of the best production costs on the market. Guaranteed savings, higher production, less spending and more profits! Targa XT Aquatex: Sublimation, speed and quality are now side by side! Designed to work in long production runs, the New Targa XT Aquatex features the innovative AmplaCore monocoque chassis, and uses industrial components of the highest quality in its manufacturing, providing robustness, reliability and stability to the equipment.

Available in width of 1. With the use of Aquatex water-based ink, the New Targa XT Aquatex offers the best production costs in the market, guaranteed saving and higher profits. Print quality color and coverage is directly proportional to the number of passes and increase of the microstep function, where the higher of the numbers are, the higher the perceived quality of the printed material is.

With this equipment it is possible to create prints using between 02 and 24 passes. The Substrates may be used upon testing and customers approval in each case for confirmation compatibility. Anchorage, density and degree of coloring resulting from interaction with the ink.

Targa XT Aquatex. Description Feature Specifications. To find more about our services, please contact us at Email: info madinatech. Sign up to receive our newsletter. Model Specification. Print speed 1.

Production mode 3 pass. Printing width.


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